With the dawn of the 21st Century, online advertising has evolved in many ways. From the simple static image displays of the past, there are now different platforms where digital ads are being displayed. The technological revolution has brought new methods of advertisement on the internet that companies and business organizations are embracing. Here are the main types:

Social Media Advertising

This century has seen the creation of giant social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Instagram. Billions of dollars are being spent every year on social media advertising. With billions of users registered on these accounts, there is a huge market for any company wishing to advertise its products and services.

This form can be further classified into organic and paid advertising. The former helps promote brand loyalty and feedback from users while the latter is for targeting specific audiences.

Google Adwords

Google is perhaps the biggest advertiser on the internet. With its superior software that tracks its users’ internet traffic, it can post advertisements according to personal preferences and needs. This makes it one of the best methods of advertisements for reaching a specific audience.

Video Advertising

Visual adverts are perhaps among the most effective ways of getting users interested in products more than any other. Advertising on YouTube channels and other video platforms is a sure way of carrying out successful digital marketing. One important thing is to ensure that your videos are creative enough to keep your audience engaged.

Digital Radio

The radio has been used for decades as an effective means of mass advertising. Internet radios have made it easy to reach specific audience targets within your set geographical parameters and interests.

Social media advertising and the use of Google adverts are among the top methods used in digital marketing. For anyone seeking to expand the reach of their online adverts, these four methods are the most effective to use.